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Survivor Girl - Building My First Bug-Out Bag

Building a bug out bag with a 5-yr old is an exercise in compromise. Sometimes practicality has to take a backseat to fun, or her desires, in order to keep it interesting for her. What all is in this bag will most definitely change as she gets older and in my own bag I have enough to cover both of us.

The purpose of this bag is just to get her used to the idea of having one and making sure she has it with her in the truck when we go places further than just in town. It’s also designed to start teaching her how to use the items inside it should she ever have need of them. It’s a process and it will certainly take some time, but the goal is to keep it fun for her and keep her interested in learning.

The advantage of filming with a 5-yr old is that sometimes they have their own agenda which results in unplanned, but very useful, footage. It also means a lot of outtakes and editing but the advantages outweigh the cost. Here’s one such happy accident I caught on film when she decided to bring her own new bug out bag into the frame while I was shooting footage for a stove review.