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Survival Tip Sundays Coming Soon!

I had an interesting idea tonight during the course of my evening with Kayla. We stopped at a local pizza shop to pick up dinner because I bought some advertising space on the top of their new pizza boxes for my tattoo studio and they finally came in. We came home and ate while we watched a bit of TV and then I decided to teach her something I had read about earlier this week.

It was a little survival trick called a “Tuna Torch”. You punch a hole in the top of a can of tuna packed IN OIL (water will not work for obvious reasons) and roll up a sheet of toilet paper or paper towel, stick it in the hole, and light it on fire. The torch burns for about an hour or so and could be used to boil water or cook something small over if needed as well as putting out a fair amount of light.

She thought it was pretty cool, and quite frankly so did I. If I hadn’t read Fight Like a Man by L. L. Akers, I’d never have thought of even attempting such a thing. I posted photos of it in a quick Facebook post about our Daddy Daughter date night and it was suggested that I make a video showing how I did it step by step because people were curious.

I figured why not, it’s simple and easy and I’m sure there are other people out there that would be interested in seeing how it’s done and possibly giving it a try. After getting the video recorded and adding a little intro title, I posted it online and it sparked another idea.

From time to time, I post something related to being prepared or general survival suggestions, but after yesterday’s article and a few conversations that resulted from it, I got a lot of suggestions that I should share some of those skills I mentioned and teach people a bit about basic survival skills.

Now, I’m not going to turn this blog into something dedicated solely to survival and preparedness because I have far too many other things that I’m interested in and want to talk about, but I think once a week I’ll record a short video demonstrating some technique you may or may not be familiar with.

Even if you’re not big on camping or outdoorsy stuff and are just here for the poetry and to laugh at some of the stupid shit I say, it can’t hurt to learn something new from time to time. So… Starting Sunday I’m going to start putting together a Simple Survival Tip video for you guys and gals and post one each week.

I read a wide variety of different genres but one of my guilty pleasures is curling up in bed with the pups and losing myself in a bit of post-apocalyptic fiction. I am really fascinated not only by the things I pick up along the way that I might be able to use in such a situation, but mostly by how other people imagine life would be in modern times without the constraints of law and order.

I think it’s really interesting to read different authors take on how society would look and how humans would behave towards each other without the threat of being arrested or put in jail; what moral dilemmas the characters face and how they distinguish between what’s right, wrong, and unfortunate but necessary. Chances are, if someone can imagine another person behaving in a certain manner, there’s probably someone, or several someones, out there who would actually do so.

But I’m digressing yet again. The point is I read a lot of these stories and I come across things, like making an oil lamp out of a can of tuna, and I just kinda want to try them out to see if they work. So for these Survival Sunday videos, I’ll pick something from one of the books I’ve read that week and try it out. If I don’t happen to come across anything I don’t already know about, I’ll try to pick something that maybe the average individual wouldn’t know.

Just because I am planning to use some of the books I read as inspiration for these videos doesn’t mean that I’m not more than happy to take requests though. If there’s anything you’re curious about or want to know more about, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll work your request (so long as it’s reasonable) into the queue of videos.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for tonight, so I’m gonna let the boys out one last time then go curl up in bed with my kindle until I’m ready to sleep. Thanks for reading!