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Something New on the Horizon


As helpful as I personally find it to be to take the time to sit and write out my thoughts at the end of each day regardless of how bizarre they may be, part of me is starting to feel like there is something bigger I’m meant to be writing. I love sharing my thoughts and feelings and writing poems that people connect with, but recently I’ve been feeling this lingering sense that I’m being gently nudged to expand my horizons and look a bit further.

That’s not to say that I’m about to discontinue with my posts here, I’m certainly not about to do that. I just suspect that soon I will have another project of some sort in the works. It’s a strange thing, this feeling like something else is just over the next rise, but not having a clue what it will be. I have a couple of ideas, but I’m trying to just be and let it come to me as it will for the time being.

Despite having an interesting evening tonight, I find I don’t have all that much on my mind that I feel the need to consider further or discuss aside from what I’ve already mentioned. I kind of just feel like I need to sit with this new sensation for a while and immerse myself in it in the hopes that it soon becomes a bit clearer. So, with that in mind, I’ll keep tonight’s post exceptionally short compared to my normal scribblings and call it a night so that I can shower and wash off my new bit of fresh ink then go lay in bed with the pups and see if my dreams bring any hints of what is to come.

Thanks for reading.