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Not Enough Stars

The Text Message

Even without the sweet sound of your voice,

your words speak straight to my heart.

Just knowing that I’m on your mind,

and that you’re smiling because of it,

fills me with joy.

Of all the things I long to do with you,

the one that stands out the most

is simply to love you,

and to make you feel as loved as I do.

Not Enough Stars

To Wake to your smile.

To Hear you softly sing while you paint.

To Laugh with you.

To Share a candle lit evening.

To Feel your fingers laced between mine.

To Lay together beneath an open sky.

To Have your head resting on my shoulder.

To See you for who you are.

To Know you are by my side at day's end.

To Live our truths together.

To Tell you I love you.

To Be Yours.

I could wish on every star in the night sky,

but I would run out of stars before wishes.

Puppy Love

I may not have someone to snuggle with on the couch at the end of the day,

but I do have two dogs that love me unconditionally.

They’re drama free and pretty good at cuddling too.