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Sing the Song in Your Heart

So I’ve mentioned my friend Rachel a couple times recently, she’s the one I stayed with last weekend while I was out of town. I met her last summer at Rootwire, a Transformational Arts Festival I’ve been working at for years in a very special space known as the Healing Tent. All day long people can come in and get body work (Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Craniosacral, Ortho-bionomy, Chiropractic, and numerous other modalities) at no charge. There’s no tips or any manner of payment accepted, it’s done from a space of love and healing for the sake of supporting the community we are a part of. This past year was her first year at Rootwire and working together in the Healing Tent was how we met.

She’s a remarkably talented massage therapist and energy worker and a truly beautiful gentle soul. I was impressed when we first met and have continued to be so ever since. But as incredible as I find her, until I heard her sing in that video above, I had no clue about that side of her. I knew she was into music and is super creative, but I didn’t imagine that within that compact little frame, she possesses such a powerful amazing voice. Plus, I believe that song was one she wrote at 14. 14! That just blows my mind!

I can only sit and wonder how it is that I never knew that part of her and why this was the first time I’ve seen it. What could possibly have caused her to feel she couldn’t share her gift with the world? I do have some idea of what the answers to those questions are, but it’s got me thinking about some of the other people I know. What incredible gifts do they hold within that they aren’t showing? What talents never get explored because people are too self-conscious or have been told they aren’t good enough?

This, of course, leads me to wonder what the world would look like if instead of suppressing all these hidden talents, we supported each other in exploring and nurturing them. How different would people’s lives be and how much more fulfilled would they feel if they could just find the confidence to step fully into themselves? More importantly, how can we make that a reality?

It’s true that it has to be a choice someone makes for themselves, but there is still a ton we all can do to support each other. Next time you consider saying something that could possibly have a negative impact on someone’s self-confidence, take a second to think about it again and maybe just keep it to yourself. Examine why it is that you feel the need to say it in the first place. Where is it coming from within you? Is it really genuine care and concern for the other person, or is it something more like jealousy or envy?

If it’s the latter option, ask yourself why you feel that way. Just because someone may have a different gift than you, doesn’t in anyway diminish your gifts or give you a reason to cut them down, it just gives you the opportunity to shine on a different stage. The world is an amazing and beautiful place and all of us that call it home can make it even more incredible just by choosing to be open, honest, and loving with each other. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of each other’s lives so let’s start treating it as such! Thanks for reading!