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Beautiful Static

Beautiful Static

My mind feels like a radio sometimes.

I can tune in to a hundred different thoughts,

but there’s always a bit of static in the background.

It distracts me and is all I can focus on no matter how hard I try. I can’t figure out why it’s always there and I can’t make it go away.

That static is You.

It’s my heart’s interference with my mind and it holds my attention more surely than any melody ever could.

Whispers in the Woods

I found myself all alone in the wilderness.

I felt lost and afraid I might never find my way out.

Every shadow seemed to be a hiding threat.

Every sound was a creeping danger.

But in the depth of those shadows

I found the depth of my strength.

In each unknown sound

I found the power of my voice.

I told myself not to be afraid.

That those shadows were cast by my spirit guides,

That the sounds were their whispers of encouragement.

And now that I’ve left the forest behind,

I use my voice to call out encouragement to you.

That you might find your own way and come join me in the warm sunlight and dance in the flowery meadow.

Too Safe

What is it that I fear,

Is it losing all that I hold dear?

Is it spending the rest of my days alone,

Never finding someone to call my own?

What about letting those I love down,

Or spending my final days in a hospital gown?

Maybe it’s wasting my life,

Or living in constant strife?

Are these the things that scare me,

Or is it something I’ve yet to see?

I think the thing that makes me most afraid,

Is that I played it too safe with the plans I’ve made.