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An Eternity in An Instant...

An Eternity in An Instant

In the instant he touched her bare skin, his whole world changed.

His heart beat faster, and his slow measured breaths became ragged.

A tingling heat spread across his skin like raging wildfire.

He tried to remain in control of his thoughts, but she had a primal, wild energy about her that washed over him like a sudden spring flood.

He felt the strength of her heart, touched the essence of her spirit, and he knew that no man would ever tame her.

She could not be caged, and he longed only to see her run free.

She didn’t need him, nor him her, but there was a part of each of them that longed for the other.

He blinked, returning to reality, and almost to his surprise, she was still there before him.

Tend the Fire

Anger is a fire that burns within the soul.

Its power can be harnessed and made productive,

but feed it too much, and it will consume everything.


I am a survivor.

Not because of the things I have,

Or the skills I’ve learned,

But because I possess a spirit

that won’t let me give in or give up.

Be Sacred

Find something you hold sacred and honor it.

Let it inspire every aspect of your life.

Fight for it.

Share it.

Be it.