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In My Eyes

In My Eyes

You say I look at you as if you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

But you’re wrong, there’s no IF about it.

I Miss You

I miss your touch, and the taste of your kisses.

I miss the sweet smell of your hair,

and the way it feels between my fingers as you lay with your head on my chest.

I miss the way you wrap your arms around me while I’m making you breakfast,

and how you take my hand and lead me to bed at night.

I miss feeling your impossibly cold feet always seeking my skin for warmth,

and the little hearts you draw on the mirror after a shower.

I miss hearing you sing along with the radio in the truck,

and the sound of you laughing at my bad jokes.

I miss the way you hold my hand,

and adjust our fingers until it feels just right.

I miss seeing you look deep into my eyes,

and trying not to smile when you act mad.

I miss hearing you say you love me,

and never feeling like I’ll be able to say it to you enough.

I miss everything about you.

But how can I miss you, when we haven’t yet met?