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Welcome to 2018

I’m willing to agree that sometimes you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone. It makes sense to me on many levels and I have experienced taking things for granted and only really appreciating how much of an impact they had when faced with their absence. The thing about it though, is that you need to actually notice that it is gone for this to work out. When it’s less of a here one moment, gone the next, and more of a very gradual fade out sort of thing, noticing it isn’t always that easy.

I’ve always considered myself a fairly spiritual individual. Not religious in the traditional sense, but deeply tuned in to the spirit world all around me. I’m able to feel my connectivity to the universe at large and am open to the suggestions of my spiritual guides. They were particularly influential in the first few years after my daughter was born, almost as if they were holding my hand and leading me around like a child. But I hadn’t really noticed until just a little bit ago when they made their presence felt much more strongly again, that in the last two years, they’d been backing off slowly.

I feel that this was their way of getting me to re-connect with the physical world I inhabit and allowing me space to really ground myself much more firmly. When I felt them re-asserting their position in my life earlier tonight, it was like a wonderful warm hug, a blanket of love and support that I’d almost forgotten was so perfect and reassuring. So in this case, it was not their absence that caused me to appreciate them, but rather their suddenly strong presence that brought on waves of gratitude.

I can’t say just yet what the reason behind their reemergence is, or what role renewing the full strength of my connection to spirit will play for me in this new year, but I know it’s going to be something pretty awe inspiring. In a few short hours, the Sun will rise on 2018 and I fully intend to greet the new day well rested and ready to embrace all that it has in store for me, so I’m going to keep it short tonight. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!