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I Do Believe It’s About Time to Ruffle a Few Feathers

First off, I wanna say that I love all of you. I really do. Every single one of you that takes the time to read the sometimes weird and random shit I happen to have going on in my head, I love you. I can’t say I understand what motivates you to keep coming back and reading given some of the strange things I say, but hey, I’m not complaining. I like writing happy feel good posts that help uplift people, are thought provoking, and produce positive vibes in general. But every once in a while, I feel a bit like ruffling a few feathers, just for the sake of it. Not necessarily to intentionally offend anyone, but just to kind of shake things up a bit; to stir the pot if you will.

This is where I find myself this evening. I’m not angry or upset or anything, in fact I’ve had a pretty great day. It was productive and rather enjoyable overall. I think it’s more of a desire to shake the metaphorical snow globe just to watch the little white specks swirling around in interesting chaotic patterns. I feel like sometimes we tend to fall into habits and routines, we just get settled in and comfortable and we stop pushing our limits. Maybe that’s where I feel like I’m at. Or maybe I am just feelin’ a bit rebellious and want to raise a little hell. Who can say for sure?

With a multitude of controversial topics out there, I have so many options to choose from! Say this, piss off one group of people. Say something else and an entirely different portion of the population gets their panties in a bunch. I’m all for sensitivity and harmonious interactions, but damn if we haven’t become a touchy bunch as a society. It’s ridiculously easy to offend someone even when you are trying so damn hard to be as polite, politically correct, and respectful as possible.

Its weird to me how I seem to have become hard wired to have an inherent sense of equality. Even when I want to write something slightly offensive, I try to come up with ways of making sure that I try to be equally offensive to everyone that might read it. I thought about trying to write an entire post about the things that piss me off, but I realized that’d be a short fuckin’ post. Not many things really make me angry. It basically comes down to domestic violence, sexual assault, anyone that messes with my kid, and any attempt to infringe upon my constitutionally assured rights to live my life as I see fit so long as I don’t prevent anyone else from enjoying the same freedoms.

Hmm…. That last one seems to be a topic that is mildly controversial and relevant to pretty much everyone that reads my blog (so far, all my readers are in the U.S., I’ve yet to gain worldwide influence). Patriotism… I’m not sure how this term came to be controversial but that seems to be the case these days.

Growing up, being patriotic was a good thing. It meant barbeques on the fourth of July and fireworks. It was the Stars and Stripes being hoisted as the National Anthem played in the Olympic stadium when we won yet another gold medal. It was supporting those that fought and sacrificed to ensure our freedom to say and think whatever we wanted. Now when you hear about a group of patriots, people think of a militia, or a group of racist, sexist, gun toting, beer chugging, ignorant rednecks.

How the fuck did this happen? I consider myself to be a patriot. Hell, I even carry around a copy of the declaration of independence, the constitution, and bill of rights in my vest pocket. I’m not racist, or sexist. I don’t drink beer (or alcohol at all) and I’m well educated. I do have a few firearms, but I also have a much more extensive collection of books on poetry. I read the literary works of our founding fathers and I also read the writings of Einstein, Thoreau, and Whitman as well as many contemporary authors.

I think most politicians in general are corrupt and self-serving, just like they pretty much always have been. Probably not all of them, but an alarmingly high number statistically speaking. Hillary scares me in a weird sort of way just a bit and I think Trump is an idiot and just generally an ass hole. I think the government wastes a great deal of time and money and often puts its nose where it has no business putting it.

But I still believe in America.

We were founded as a country by the people, for the people. If we don’t like the way it’s being run and the things the government is doing, well it’s our own damn fault for letting it get this far. Most people are happy to bitch, but don’t want to actually do anything about it. They complain about laws that are being passed or not being passed but don’t bother to learn about them, or actually write to their representatives to address their grievances.

Some are happy to write a clever sentence or two on a piece of poster board and glue the damn thing to a stick, but then all they do is stand around and complain with a big ass sign. They go home after the protest and that’s where their involvement stops. But they’re happy to complain about how it didn’t change anything and maybe, just maybe, if we get MORE people to stand around with clever signs it will make a difference. Yes, lets try that. It worked so very well the first time after all.

How about you pick up a book and READ the laws of the country you live in. Learn how the legal system works and find a way to make a real change. Don’t just follow whoever shouts the loudest and comes up with a catchy way to get your attention.

Tired of reading about mass shootings or seeing the carnage on the TV? Well stop fucking arguing about gun control laws, the people committing crimes clearly don’t give a shit about the laws. Let’s get both sides together and finally admit it’s not the fault of an inanimate firearm, it’s the wingnut wielding it that needs some serious mental healthcare but can’t get it.

Angry unstable people can also be incredibly creative. Take the guns away from them and they’ll just find another way to inflict suffering. Ever heard of a little thing called an IED (Improvised Explosive Device)? If they can read, have internet access or a library card, and the determination, they’ll figure something out.

We’ve also got people offended by the idea of “One Nation Under God” while we are simultaneously working towards religious equality. It doesn’t say “one nation under the Christian God”, it doesn’t say under “The” God, it just generically says God in a broad Theistic way. Why is this such a problem? I’m an American and I don’t consider myself Christian, but it doesn’t bother me? I don’t see it as being a statement that implies one supreme being is favored over another. Ok, maybe if you’re atheist I could see why you take issue with the phrase, but you don’t believe in any God anyway so who cares? I don’t actually believe in Hell, but I have no problem suggesting people go visit.

Then there are the people who have a problem with legal abortions for religious reasons, but are ok with the phrase “In God We Trust”? Hmmm… clearly there are some trust issues here. If you really trust your omnipotent being, then trust that he or she will sort it out in the end, it’s not your fucking body or your concern. Not your monkey, not your circus, stop trying to be the ringleader. Sit and enjoy the show or leave, it really CAN be that simple.

Speaking of Circuses, how about “We The People”? Look at some of the truly moronic individuals idolized by millions. There are literally thousands of people that make a much better living than the vast majority of the country because we find their stupidity entertaining. Why are we encouraging this? There are countless veterans that are unemployed and or living on the streets that people want to just pretend don’t exist even though their sacrifice ensured you could live safe in a free country. We encourage fucking idiots on tv and ignore our veterans. What the hell?

But still, I believe in America.

I believe we hold the power to change, to make America great again. Change isn’t going to come from the White House regardless of who is in office if “We The People” aren’t willing to do anything to help make it happen. It’s not any one person’s problem to fix, it’s all of ours, as a whole, as a country. The government is made up of a very small percentage of the population and they only have the power we give them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to incite rebellion or suggest the government be overthrown. Quite the opposite. I’m suggesting we all take a moment to consider what it means to be patriotic in our own way and get involved. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Change starts with US. It goes from the bottom up to the top, from the foundation of our great nation to its pinnacle, from the many to the few. It’s time to stop fighting amongst ourselves and stand united. During the last World War, we rose up together as a nation and stood united. Let’s not let it take another World War to bring us back together again because in this day in age, one more World War could be the last one our planet sees. Thanks for reading and may whatever divine being you hold sacred bless this nation.