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Your Greatest Creation

This life that we each have is the most amazing of gifts! It may not always seem like it at times, but it really is. Every day we wake up and we have all sorts of choices we can make about what we do with the time we have. The possibilities of what we can do and create for ourselves are limited only by our imagination and our determination to make them a reality.

Our lives don’t have to look like what anyone else expects them to. They don’t have to be some fairy tale version of the “American Dream”. They don’t have to be what we were conditioned to think of as successful or normal growing up. Our lives don’t have to even really make sense to anyone else, they are ours to live and make into what works for us.

This topic has been on my mind the past few days. I’ve been evaluating a few more things about myself, the way I live, and the way I want to live. I had this picture of how my life would look when I was growing up and at some point, I realized that wasn’t really what I wanted, so I changed the picture. Then when that one didn’t fit me anymore, I changed it again.

In the past decade, I can’t count the number of times I’ve changed parts or all of that mental image of what I want my life to look like. And I suspect this is a trend that is not likely to change any time soon either, which is exactly how I want it. People are meant to evolve and change with life as it presents new obstacles and opportunities to grow.

As I’ve been taking a closer look at my life as it is now and how I want it to look in the future, I’m coming to the conclusion more and more that I’m really happy with how it fits me. It’s not quite where I want it to be just yet, but I’m getting closer. It’s like I’ve got the garden all planted, and the seeds are sprouting from the dirt. Now it’s time to nurture them and help them (and myself) flourish.

The garden of my life will be different from yours and pretty much everyone else’s and that’s OK! You don’t need to spend your life looking over the fences to see where the grass is greener or feeling guilty that your lawn is full of weeds. If you’re the sort that is more suited to having gravel because you love to travel and aren’t home enough to tend to a lawn, then do it! And don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it. It doesn’t make you wrong, or lazy, or anything other than someone who knows themselves well enough to make the right choices for the life they want.

Paint your life boldly with bright colors, soft quiet pastels, or black and white. Hell, paint it in 50 shades of grey if that’s what floats your boat. What ever you want out of life, you can go get it if you want it bad enough. Just think about what you want and picture it then go for it. If you find it doesn’t suit you, change it and keep going. There are no real rules telling you that you can’t do what you want. Well, yes, actually there are. But so long as you aren’t hurting anyone or infringing upon their rights to live their life as it suits them, you’re pretty much free to do what you want for the most part.

If when you look at your life, it doesn’t excite you and make you feel like it’s exactly where you want to be, change it. Start today! In fact, stop reading and start right now! I’ll still be here rambling on when you’re done because this is the life that fits ME and makes me excited to greet each new day! Thanks for being a part of that life and taking the time to read this!