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Christmas Poems

Family is Found in Us

Family isn’t found on smiling faces in photos,

It’s in those late-night calls and falling tears.

It’s in those dark times when you feel hope is lost,

And in those sincere kind words and gentle hugs.

Family is found in those times when you need it the most,

But feel like you deserve it the least.

Family is found in Us,

In our hearts that will never close to one another.

The Most Precious Gift

A Mother’s love is a force unlike any other in the Universe.

It is never ending and unlimited in its power to heal.

It is the single most comforting feeling in tough times,

And a bottomless well of strength.

A Mother’s love is the most precious gift

that can be given or received in this lifetime.

Simple Life

Longing for a simpler life is often nothing more

than making a list of things to let go of.