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Poems On Love

9 Things

One touch,

One look,

That’s all it took.

One night,

One kiss,

I’ll forever miss.

Four little dots,

One little star,

I love you from afar.

Sense of Reality

I can see your eyes so clearly.

I can feel your hair between my fingers.

I can smell the sweet scent of your skin.

I can hear the sheets rustle as you move next to me.

I can taste your kiss lingering on my lips.

In my dreams, you are real.

Never Stop Looking

I sailed the stormy seas,

I climbed towering mountains.

I explored every dark cave,

I crossed the vast deserts.

I walked the endless plains,

I looked in great forests.

Yet you are nowhere to be found.

I will build a rocket.

I shall search for you among the stars.

I’ll never stop looking.

My heart won’t let me.

C. Kiehl 2017