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A Look Inside My "Nomad Bag"

By popular demand, I’m finally going to let you all in on what is inside the notorious “Nomad Bag” I carry as my EDC Bag (Every Day Carry). The Bag itself is the Seibertron Falcon 27 Liter water repellent compact backpack. I also have a small Condor 4”x4” bag that attaches with Molle straps that I use as my first aid kit and a generic Molle water bottle pouch that I often detach and use with a shoulder sling strap when I’m going for short hikes or when I’m just walking around camp.

For day to day use, I don’t usually have that water bottle pouch attached as I hang a small 20oz stainless-steel water bottle from my belt all the time and usually have a stainless-steel coffee cup that I am perpetually using that can double as a cooking container in a pinch. This lightens the pack a bit and makes it a narrower and generally more manageable. Out in the woods though, I don’t mind having the extra bottle of water and other items in the water bottle pouch.

Inside the tan water bottle pouch, I have the following items:

32oz Nalgene Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Cup and Lid

Gerber Gator Folding Knife

3/8” Ferro Rod

Folding Esbit Stove and Fuel Tablets

Shoulder Sling Strap

Small Bic Lighter

Set of Eating Utensils

Next up is the small Condor 4”x4” pouch I use as my first aid kit, it contains:

2”x2” Gauze Pads

3”x3” Gauze Pads

2” Gauze Bandage Roll

Medical Tape

Large Triangular Bandage

Alcohol Prep Pads (double as great fire starters)

Various Sized Band-Aids

Butterfly Closure Strips


Triple Antibiotic Ointment packets

Safety Pins


Nail Clippers

0 Gauge Ear Plugs (incase I lose one of mine)


2 Caffeine Pills

Duct Tape with Magnesium Shavings (Fire Starting, not sure how it ended up in my first aid kit)


That’s it for the two detachable bags. The rest is contained inside or are, in the case of a knife, paracord hammock straps, and shovel, attached to the outside in the Molle webbing. The knife is a Bark River JX4 Bushbat designed by my friend Chris Tanner of PreparedMind101 and it rides in a custom C2G Fab Sheath that I have attached to the left shoulder strap for easy access. To keep things organized inside the pack and easier to access quickly, many related items are grouped together inside small nylon stuff sacks.

Small Fire Building Sack:


Ferro Rod and Striker

Sealed Bag of Charcloth Tinder

Food Sack:

3 – 1 Cup mixed bags of Rice and Lentils (Decent protein source and cook as quick as rice with no presoak required) and a Bouillon Cube

3 – Individually sealed pouches of Tuna

MRE Pouch of Cappuccino

4 Single Servings of Coffee and Cloth Filter Bag

10 Bouillon Cubes

Electronics Sack:

USB Battery Bank

Dual Port USB Battery Bank with Compass, Flashlight, and Solar Charger

USB Rechargeable AAA Battery

USB Rechargeable 18650 Battery

USB to Lightning iPhone Charging Cable

USB to Micro USB Charging Cable

In addition to those bags above, I also have the following items in the four main compartments:

Thin Old Navy Rain Jacket

Bright Orange Water-Proof Pack Cover (Small Black Sack)

2 – Pre-tied Doubled Up Lengths of Dayglow 550 Paracord used as Hammock Straps

U-Dig-It Folding Shovel

Thin Moleskin Notebook

Rite-In-The-Rain Notebook

Handcuff Key

House Key

Small Camp Towel

10 – Aquatab Water Purifying Tablets

AAA Flashlight with USB Rechargeable Battery

3/8” Ferro Rod (Another one)

Ziploc Bag of Black Nitrile Gloves

Krazy Glue

HydroBlu Water Filter and Spare Filter

50 Rounds 9mm Ammunition

2 – Small Scrub Pads

2 – Small 1oz Bottles of Campsuds Soap

Compass (Not Shown)

75’ – 95 LB Paracord

50’ – 550 Paracord



0 Gauge Ear Plugs (yes, another pair)

½ Roll of Toilet Paper in Ziploc Bag with Cardboard Roll Removed

Small Pack of Tissues

Nail Clippers (another pair)

Extra Stuff Sack – Small

2 Liter Waterproof Bag

5’x7’ Tarp (Green Terra Hiker Bag)

Pre-Measured 550 Paracord for Basic Tent Style Tarp Shelter

10 – Aluminum Tent Stakes

Camp Hammock (Blue Sierra Designs Bag)

Emergency Blanket/Tarp (Red Bag)

Business Cards

4 – Empty 1 Gallon Ziploc Bags

10 – Long Zip Ties

2 Bic Ball Point Pens

2 Sharpies

Windows Surface Tablet in UAG Case, Keyboard Cover, and Charging Cable (Not Pictured)

All the clothes in the clothes sack are black not because I’m goth or trying to be Tacti-cool, but are simply practical when you’re a tattoo artist. Black Tattoo Ink does NOT wash out of clothes!

Inside the clothes sack is:

2 Pairs of Socks

Black BDU Pants

Black Medical Scrub Pants

Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Black Tank Top

And unless I’ve missed something while typing up the list I wrote by hand when I was taking the photos, that should just about do it for what is in the bag. It may seem like a ton of stuff but it’s not heavy at all (I don’t own a scale) and its overall dimensions when fully stuffed are 16.5” (H) x 9" (W) x 11” (D). I still have room to spare in mine currently, so it is a bit thinner and is closer to 16.5" (H) x 9" (W) x 8" (D). The Middle Pocket only contains my computer, so I have a fair amount of empty space that I'm not using.

I suppose a list of my Every-Day-Carry items wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tell you what items I actually carry on my person at all times even without the bag, so they include:

Knife: Varusteleka Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 with leather sheath. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I just know it’s the best all around bushcraft knife I’ve ever owned and it’s damn near indestructible.

Atactical A1 Flashlight

2 – Black Sharpies (I use sharpies A LOT!)

Schrade Tactical Defense Pen

3/8” Ferro Rod (I got a 10 pack on amazon for cheap, the things are stashed all over the place)

Swiss Army SwissChamp

550 Paracord Survival Kit with Clip

550 Paracord Bracelet

Handcuff Key

Bic Lighter

And then there’s my ever-present leather vest:

First Aid Kit

3/8” Ferro Rod

Bic Lighter

Small Folding Knife

Lockpick Set

I'd love to get some feedback from you all about your thoughts on my bag and what you carry in your own. If there's anything you think I'm missing please let me know! Thanks for reading!