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If Life Keeps Handing You the Same Book, Try Actually Reading It

Do you ever feel like you’re repeating the same cycle over and over again? Does it seem like life is giving you the same lesson in a hundred different ways? I’ve been there. It can be frustrating as hell. You find yourself thinking, “Oh for fuck’s sake, this again? Haven’t I had enough of this yet?” Well, one thing I’ve learned is that there is a big difference between being presented with an opportunity to learn something and actually learning it.

Think about it like when you were in school. A teacher would give you a book that you were meant to read, except in this case, you keep getting handed a book over and over that’s on the same subject but with perhaps just a different title and author. But being handed that book isn’t the same as actually sitting down and reading the book.

This is how I kind of like to think about it. The universe will present you with endless opportunities to learn something and will continue to do so repeatedly until you get it. You can keep taking the metaphorical book and putting it in your backpack or using it as a coaster on your coffee table and chances are, you’re going to keep getting more variations piling up until you say “Ok, I’ve had enough. Fine, I’ll just read the damn thing.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m rather tired of experiencing the same sort of things over and over. I’m eager for something new and exciting. But, to get there, I have to be ready for that next level, what ever it might be, and that means putting in the work and learning the prerequisite lessons.

If I want to find love, I need to learn to be ok being alone and loving myself. If I want to find a new exciting job that will let me travel and write about my experiences, well, I’ve gotta put in the work to learn how to write consistently and interestingly enough from home before I can venture out elsewhere. Is it always fun and super exciting? Sometimes yes, more often than not, no. But it’s what I’ve got to do.

It may seem like a real drag at first but once you get into it, you may just find that it’s actually fun. Or at least you might discover ways of making it fun. That’s kind of the point where I’m at currently. I’ve already accepted it’s just something I have to do and begrudgingly started working through it. Now I’m finding it’s not so bad after all and having fun finding new ways of making the experience more entertaining and exciting. It may take a bit of creativity, but it can certainly be done.

With that being said, I think I shall venture out into the night (I’m actually writing this at a reasonable hour of the evening for once) and see what manner of fun entertainment I can get myself into and what lessons I might learn from the experience. Until tomorrow, I hope you all have a wonderful day or evening (whatever time it is that you’re reading this) and thanks for reading!