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A Peace of My Mind

Reading is like wandering into someone else’s mind.

Tread lightly, lest it rub off and leave your own contemplations feeling foreign.

Some nights I desire to fish in the sea of my thoughts.

Others I simply enjoy sitting with my feet in the water,

watching the sun set on another day.

For as surely as I love writing,

sometimes the words only serve to get in the way.

They cannot say the things my heart whispers quietly in the still calm space of my mind.

When my mind is at peace,

the thoughts are but stars in the night sky.

Infinitely far away and all around me at once.

It is peaceful here.

It is quiet.

In this space, I find only myself.

And in this space, I can only learn to love myself.

I need not concern myself with trying to be perfect,

for I am Divine.

If that is not enough, no amount of trying shall ever change it.

Writing is like a puzzle, it’s not about the number of words.

It’s about putting only the right words, in just the right places.