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A Full Day of Firsts

Some days it’s hard to believe that this is really my life. I mean that in the best way possible, really. I don’t have to get up early and go into an office, sit in a little cubical and make sure I’m filing TPS reports (whatever those are) on time, or worry about getting penalized for being a few minutes late. I don’t have to put up with annoying co-workers or an ass hole boss. Well, my boss can be an ass hole at times but that’s always my fault.

Being self employed and running my own tattoo studio certainly isn’t without it’s stresses at times but overall, its incredible. Getting to tattoo for a living on its own is amazing, but I really love having total control over my work environment. I can listen to whatever music I want at any volume that suits me, I have it decorated with all the artwork that I find inspiring and comfortable, and I get to decide when I work and who I choose to work with.

I love getting to work with every one of my clients, each one is a unique experience and an honor to be a part of, but today was extra special. Not only did I get to work with one of the girls from the Varsity Women’s Rowing Team I used to coach and her boyfriend, but they also brought their service dog with them. It was a day of firsts for sure! I love animals and while I’d never even attempt to tattoo with either of my meatheads in the room (they were at home donning their ‘cones of shame’ and recovering from surgery yesterday), their dog was super obedient and well behaved. She just laid there on the mat they brought for her and stayed well out of the way.

Another first-time experience for me today was that neither one of them had any idea what was getting tattooed on them until after it was all done. That’s definitely something I’ve never done before! To be clear, each of them knew what the other was getting, having come up with the idea themselves, but they decided to wait until the ink was done before unveiling their choice to the other. Most fortunately, they seem to know each other pretty well and both liked their new ink, so I didn’t have to have that first-time experience be a negative one.

Another thing that made it a great day in the studio was having two human canvasses that sat super still and didn’t complain once, even after hours of work. I do understand that getting tattooed is not exactly the most pleasant of experiences one can have, but as the artist, it’s most UNPLEASANT when your client can’t seem to sit still, especially if they’re the unexpectedly jumpy sort. Even when I was working in an area I know first hand to be a rather tender location, she sat rock steady and didn’t even flex the muscles underneath to try and deal with the pain.

Anyone that baulks at the idea that women have a higher pain tolerance then men in general is probably not basing that on any manner of personal experience. Not to say that ALL women have a higher pain tolerance than all men, some of each gender simply do not handle pain well, but there is a distinct trend that I’ve observed.

Another first-time experience for me is the sensation I am feeling as I type this. After hours of holding a slightly heavy vibrating machine, the tips of a couple of my fingers that hold the grip on the machine are completely numb. Because of this, my general sense of exhaustion from a late night the past couple days, and today’s exertions, I’m going to keep this evenings post a bit shorter than usual. I think I shall call it a night, retire to bed for the evening, and let my thoughts drift back to the landscape I described last night. Thanks for reading!