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Healing Emotional Wounds

Since I wrote something out this morning to share with you all, I wasn’t sure if I would decide to add anything tonight or not. I planned to sit down and do my usual evening writing for a bit but I thought perhaps I’d just rattle off whatever random thoughts came to mind with no form or function. Not that that’s really any different from what I do most nights but I dunno, maybe it would be different if I was planning to NOT share it. It’s doubtful, but possible I suppose. I don’t really filter myself so much as you may have come to realize by now.

Anyway, before I wander too far from topic, I was browsing Facebook after making the announcement that my blog was officially live (This is the first post I’ve written since it was published, the other 4 were written in the past few days when the whole concept of this blog was just a thought in my head). I came across a video a good friend of mine posted to a Facebook group I’m part of. Her name is Chrystal Kubis and she is one of the most remarkably talented healers I’ve ever known. In the video she explains what exactly it is she does and talks about the importance of healing and working on a Soul Level. She uses a simple and highly effective example involving a sheet of paper as a stand in for the soul that does an excellent job of making the point clear. I will try to post a link to the video at the bottom of the page if any of you want to check it out. I highly recommend it!

I spent a bit of time earlier today coming up with a few ideas of things I wanted to write about at some point just in case I have a day where I don’t have anything in particular I want to discuss at length. One of these topics is my philosophy on healing from the perspective of someone that does energy and body work with clients. I tell my clients, and anyone else when asked, that I am NOT the one doing the healing despite being considered the healer.

When I work with a client, my primary purpose is not to heal them, but rather to support them and hold a safe and sacred space for them so that they can heal themselves. To use an analogy to try and better explain my meaning, imagine that you cut the tip of your finger. Your body already knows how to repair the tissue and heal the wound. You don’t have to consciously think about each step involved in clotting the wound, re-directing white blood cells to fight off infection and allocate additional nutrients to help the skin knit itself back together. Something within you already knows how to do all that and will do so without any direction on your part.

You can’t look at your finger, and tell it not to heal and reasonably expect that to work. You can, however, do things that do not support it’s healing process; things that will slow the healing significantly or continue to traumatize the wound so that even when it does heal, it doesn’t heal properly and leaves a disfiguring scar and nerve damage. Conversely, there are things you can do that WILL help it heal. Things that support what your body will do on its own.

You can clean the wound and remove any foreign matter and bacteria. This often hurts more initially but is a step that, if neglected, can have lasting consequences. You can put a bandage on, creating a safe, protected space in which your wound can begin to heal while being sheltered from outside forces and contaminates. Emotional wounds and trauma are not so different from physical ones. There are things you can do to slow the process and prevent it from being as successful, leaving a gnarly scar and lack of feeling or constant pain and there are things you can do to support the healing.

As a healer, I try to act as the metaphorical hydrogen peroxide, bandage, and antibiotic ointment but the real healing work is done by the body itself. I try to support clients in a way that they can reach into their own emotional traumas and clean out the contaminates, assisting them as much as possible. I try to comfort them knowing how painful what they are doing is and how much strength it takes to do what is needed. As an energy worker, I try to act as the anti-biotic ointment allowing life energy to flow through me for them to use in whichever way will be in their greatest good without attempting to determine what that is on my own.

And finally, I try to act as the bandage, providing a safe protected space, a sacred space, within which they can heal, sheltered from outside forces that could inhibit the healing process. Sometimes clients will come to me with very old emotional wounds that, on the surface, have healed over but they still experience the pain of those wounds because they never healed properly, and things have festered below the surface of the scar. These types of traumas can be even more painful to delve into as they have been neglected for far longer and the process often takes significantly longer but somethings don’t have a short cut, you just have to go through it and arrive stronger on the other side, with a more developed sense of self and what you’re really capable of.

If you have something you’re ready to start healing from or an old trauma that was never fully resolved I encourage you to reach out to someone. You may not be in my area and I may not be the right healer for you to work with but there are super talented, caring healers all over! If you can’t find one that works for you, let me know, I’d be more than happy to help connect you with someone near you or help you find one in your area! Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts tonight and be sure to take a few minutes to check out the video below!

Chrystal Kubis - Not Your Everyday Piece Of Pie!